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 Shadow bad-mouthed by former co-star 
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Post Re: Shadow bad-mouthed by former co-star
I have no life so I googled both of them. And I have a few words for each.
1. April, get your shit together girl. You are a drama queen and a quarter and will probably end up buried and cut to pieces somewhere in the Bronx. Stop playing with other peoples feelings. The world does not revolve around you. The sun does not rise and set on your male conquests. And stop starting shit on the internet with people. Its immature.

2. Dave, get the hell over her. She clearly isn't worth it. And if you were truly over her you wouldn't need to defend yourself constantly. Enjoy your new girlfriend. Because as a woman I can tell you that if you keep chasing April like this your new woman is going to get sick of it. Cause no matter what a bitch she is, your thoughts shouldn't be "April, April, April." Concentrate on nuturing your new relationship and see where that goes. Don't keep Miss. Right waiting

Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:34 am
Post Superfox of Comedy?
This April Brucker woman bills herself as the "Superfox of Comedy." From what I read here Superasshole of Comedy seems more like it.

Shit this woman is ugly, no tits, no hips, crappy fake blonde hair, beer gut hanging out, looks more like a (censored by Admin) than a "Superfox."

Check this pic out of her on Flickr: ... 111893649/

She looks like a short fat "blob of lard." Dave you should be happy she's gone.

Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:09 pm
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Post Re: Shadow bad-mouthed by former co-star
Well we've heard from Dave O'Gara, April's former boyfriend.

Dave there is no way we can tell if somebody is for real or a fake. I don't think anybody cares enough about April to support her. She does suck big-time. I believe you when you say all of April's supporters on this forum is April herself. You don't have to convince us, we know from experience what April is like. We also know that April has been very good at erasing any negative commentary about herself on the Internet. She has posted a wretched Youtube video and has deleted several negative comments.

"Just curious" I'm afraid you may be right about the scenario you laid out about April's demise. Eventually she is going to piss off the wrong man in the Big Apple and it isn't going to be pretty. She thinks she can shit on anyone without repercussions, at some point her shit WILL catch up with her.

"Observer" I had a good laugh when a read your post. Yes she is the "Superasshole of Comedy." Let's face it, anyone that has a Myspace page has to be an asshole. Myspace was designed for assholes. I censored your description of April because we have no proof that she IS what she looks like. Also, I think it's obvious what she looks like without your comment. I did think your description of April in the Flickr photo you linked as a "short fat blob of lard" was dead on!

I'm not going to post any more pics of April because any new pics I've seen are downhill from anything we have posted thus far. It goes without saying that April isn't exactly Playboy magazine material.

April if you are reading this, my advise is to go home. You don't belong in NYC and you will have a bad ending if you stay. Go home where it's safe.

Tue Mar 11, 2008 11:04 pm
Post April gets noticed for bombing so badly on TV ... ray-bombs/

Sat Sep 13, 2008 7:15 pm
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